Calling all Quail Hunters

Remember the good old days where you found covey after covey of quail and then had endless shots at singles…..those days are back again!  This is wingshooting at its best.

Perdiz (partridge) are plentiful in certain areas of Argentina.  We just leased several large ranches with perfect habitats for perdiz and rabbits.

Perdiz are a little larger than a quail and only occur singly – it is just like shooting singles all day long.

We have German shorthair Pointers, German wire haired Pointers and English Pointers. All hunting is done by walking behind these dogs.

All you need is a good pair of boots and a red vest.

This 3 day program can be combined with a 3 day duck or goose hunt making this a great six day combo hunt.

Let’s get back to the good old days.