Tips for a Successful Deer Hunt

In the contest between man and nature, deer have centuries worth of instinct as prey animals on their side. Their entire life is about eluding predators using the natural instincts nature gave them. On the other hand, humans are many centuries removed from their hunter instinct, from having to go agstagainst a wild adversary. We have technology and they do not but big game hunting – especially for red deer – is not about technology. It is about out thinking your prey and finding again what was lost from inside of us when mankind moved out of the forest and wilderness and became ‘civilized.’ In order to help maintain the advantage as a hunter and help you with Argentina big game hunting, here are some tips to more successfully stalk, corner and bring down your prey.


Go Slow: Move slowly and practice staying still for long periods of time. Decide how much time you want to spend waiting for or stalking prey while you are Argentina red stag hunting.

Try judging the deer’s pace: Before stalking your quarry, try to determine its pace, what direction it may be heading in and whether it is feeding or simply walking.

Don’t give up: When stalking wounded quarry you may run into difficulties when following blood trails. For example, the trail may end suddenly with no hint of the prey in sight. At this point stay calm, look for smaller spots of blood and if necessary get on your hands and knees to continue tracking.

Don’t Poke: When coming up to an animal you have shot and that you believe may be dead, don’t prod it with your rifle. It may still be alive and charge you. Instead, throw a rock or branch at it to judge its reaction. This strategy is much safer.

Equipment: The Right Tools for the Right Job

I said before that Argentina big game hunting is not about the technology. That is not correct. It is not entirely about the technology but having the right equipment does matter to some degree. Here is a basic equipment list that should help you.

Rifle: Always be sure to have the correct caliber depending on the animal are trying to bring down. For red stag hunting a .260 or 6.5×55 would be the minimum caliber for bringing down this prey.

Binoculars: Buy the strongest, best pair you can afford paying special attention to durability (water proofing, etc), comfort and resolution.

Ammunition: Use soft point bullets like the Hornady Interlock.

Knives: A drop point knife is a very effective knife for dressing and skinning dear.

Backpack: Since some parts of Argentina are fairly remote you should be equipped with lights, a stove, matches and flint, rope, a tent fly, sleeping bag, food, a first aid kit and GPS – at a minimum.

Yes, with the proper preparation, knowledge and equipment you should be able to compensate for what we all lost when we moved indoors from the wilderness – the instinct and ability to hunt our prey. Argentina Birdman can put you in contact with a wide variety of red deer, black buck antelope, buffalo, wild sheep, goat and others animals on Argentina’s ranges and can give you the support you need and provide you with the hunt of a lifetime.

Argentina Wing Shooting First, Peninsula Valdes Second

Your Argentina wing shooting trip is booked and you are getting excited, but something feels like it’s missing. So you go down the list: Travel arrangements? Check! Excursion booked with Argentina Birdman? Check! Your best buddies are on board? Check! So what feels like it’s missing? Well, we have a suggestion…

Sure, a six day Argentina bird hunting adventure is exciting enough on its own; but if you’re flying all the way to Argentina already don’t you think it’s worth it to stay another week or so to check out some of the other sights too? Well we do! As you may have noticed, our last couple of blogs have been suggestions on other places to visit while you’re here in Argentina and today we are going to follow suit with yet another suggestion. So take a load off and let us tell you all about the "argentina wing shooting"Peninsula Valdes:

The Peninsula Valdes is a must-see highlight for any trip to Argentina. This beautiful formation along the Atlantic coast of Argentina offers some of the most amazing sea life and wildlife anywhere in the world. This peninsula has formed two natural inlets that provide shelter to many different types of wildlife including the Southern Right Whales, elephant seals, Magellenic penguins, and many more.

For many people, it’s the Orca Whales that draw them to this magical wildlife reserve. There are only two pods of Orcas in the world who have learned how to purposely beach themselves in order to hunt; and one of those extraordinary Orca pods just so happens to patrol the shores of the Peninsula Valdes. Come at the right time of year and you can witness this incredible act of nature in all of its glory.

While tourist season spans a rather large range—September through March to be exact—if you’re looking to experience all the biggest marine life events the best time to go is between September and the end of November. The later end of the year is when all big events usually take place.

Now that you’ve realized just how amazing Argentina actually is go ahead and give the airline a call and extend your trip. Whether you’re into big or small game hunting, Birdman will take you on the excursion of a lifetime; combine that with whatever else you decide to do with the rest of your stay and you are guaranteed to have the best vacation of your life.

Big Game Hunting and Wine Tasting in Mendoza go Hand in Hand

If you think a hunter can’t also thoroughly enjoy a nice glass of wine then you are sadly mistaken. We have had many-a-visitors come take an Argentina big game hunting excursion with us or sign up for a little Argentina duck hunting trip and then spend the second half of their vacation cruising around the Argentina wine country in Mendoza. And let me tell you, a little hunting followed by a little wine tasting makes for the perfect getaway!

If you’re thinking about putting together a little hunting and wine tasting excursion of your very own, Argentina Birdman is here to help. First, schedule your hunting trip with us and then read on for more info on Argentina wine country…

First things First, you need to know where to go; well, Mendoza is the most important wine region in Argentina, so we always recommend you go there. The city boasts the beautiful backdrop of the Andes foothills on the western edge of Argentina. You’ll enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery just as much as you enjoy the delicious wines that you will surely sample.

Prior to the 1990’s Argentina wine was far from internationally known; but once they began to compete in the international market, Mendoza quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Although Malbec is the grape that put Mendoza’s name on the map, recently wineries in this beautiful region have been working tirelessly to prove that Argentina can actually produce a plethora of delicious grapes.

It should come as no surprise that the rise of the wine industry brought along with it a boom in the hospitality and tourism industries. You’ll find everything from quaint little inns to five-star luxury hotels; local eateries to celebrity chef owned restaurants; tastings at small family owned wineries to half day tours and tastings at large, upscale wineries with miles upon miles of vineyard. Mendoza, Argentina truly has something for everyone.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a couple winery suggestions; the following are some of my personal favorites in the region…

El Lagar Winery in Lujan de Cuyo is run by one of the most unique winemakers in the world, Carmelo Patti. Patti creates incredible artisan wines out of his garage-like winery. The best part abe3da083771fefd9d984ecd323772c96dout this gem of a winery? If not out traveling, Carmelo Patti himself will greet you with a big smile, show you around the winery and chat your ear off for hours. Visiting El Lagar Winery is a truly unique experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Bodegas Lopez Winery in Maipu. This historical winery was founded in 1898, well before the Malbec boom, by Spanish immigrant Jose Lopez Rivas; it is currently run by the fourth generation of Rivas’. This vast, beautiful property dbodegas-lopez-de-herediaoubles as both a winery and a well-preserved museum. You can take a general tour for free, but I would say the exquisite tasting is worth the small fee.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

So you’ve decided to book an Argentina dove hunting trip with the best bird and big game hunting outfit in the country—Argentina Birdman. Well, we can’t wait to have you! Although experiencing the best dove hunting Argentina has to offer is definitely worth the trip on its own, there are also a number of other wonderful places to explore while you’re here. So why not extend your trip by a few days and check out some of the beautiful sights that Argentina has to offer?

Need help narrowing down your sightseeing and recreation adventure options? Well, we can definitely help with that. Throughout the next few blogs we’ll fill you in on some of our favorite spots to visit throughout Argentina. This month, let’s takeheaven-on-earth-iguazu-falls-south-america a look at the gorgeous Iguazu Falls—located on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana…

Iguazu Falls should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit before you leave this earth. These magical falls were voted one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, which seems fitting since “Iguazu” roughly translates into “Great Waters.” If you thought Niagara Falls was a glorious sight to see, you will have your socks blown right off when you visit Iguazu Falls—which are much taller than and twice as wide as Niagara Falls. The waters from the Iguazu River seems to hurl themselves over the mesmerizing cliffs, and in the process create a spellbinding mist that rises amongst the jungle. The sheer power of these falls will leave you mouth agape and in awe of what nature is capable of.

The falls divide the Iguazu River into the upper and lower sections. While the majority of the river flows through Brazil, the powerful falls all spill over into Iguazu National Park in Argentina. You can make your visit to the falls a day trip if you’re short on time or trying to see as many sights as possible, but we would suggest spending at least two days near these enchanting waters. No matter where you’re starting off in Argentina, the falls are easily accessible by plane, car and bus.


Morning Duck Hunt

As you’re getting ready for your Argentina bird hunting trip you’re probably anxious to know what to expect. Well I don’t want to spoil the excitement of experiencing everything firsthand for the first time, but I will give just a peek into what you can expect…

The first full day is normally an early morning call for a hearty breakfast and then you are off to the duck area. The bird boys have duck blinds set up weeks in advance in strategic areas that they have scouted to determine the flight patterns of the ducks. The blinds are constructed of hard platforms and are usually large enough for two hunters. There is an automatic duck caller and approximately six boxes of shells aFeatured imagere provided for each hunter.

The decoys are spread out in front of the blinds. In Argentina there are normally 10 -12 decoys per blind, larger amounts of decoys are not necessary and actually seem to discourage the ducks from landing. The blinds are approximately shoulder length and also have a portable stool if the hunter prefers to sit. The bird boys will stand behind the blind and tell you when they see the ducks coming from either side.

At approximately 9:30AM the hunting is over for the morning, all decoys and dead birds are picked up and you are back at the truck for pictures. I should note that chest waders are required as sometimes there are ditches and deeper areas to and from the blinds. But don’t worry, the blind is comfortable with no water or just ankle deep water.

The hunters are then transported back to the ranch for a big lunch. And in the afternoon there is dove or perdiz hunting… but we’ll take a look at Argentina dove hunting in a later blog. For now just remember, if you’re looking for the best duck hunting Argentina has to offer, be sure to book your trip with Argentina Birdman today!

Sit Back, Relax and Let Us Take Care of Everything

Today I’d like to discuss how a typical six day combo hunt usually works: First things first, all of the hunters arrive in the City of Buenos Aires. One very important advantage of our organization is that it is not necessary to fly from Buenos Aires City to another airport on a domestic airline. We have found that this can turn into a disaster. The domestic airlines are rarely reliable; travelers often experience cancellations and delays that can ruin a hunter’s experience. When there is a strong possibility Featured imagethat you will miss your flight in one direction or another, it’s hard to relax and enjoy your hunting excursion. And when you don’t have to worry about taking a domestic flight, you won’t have the additional expense or time involved to worry about either. So from the second you book a hunting trip with us you can rest assured knowing we’ve already thought of everything and your upcoming Argentina bird hunting adventure will be as thrilling as it is easy to navigate.

All you have to worry about is getting checked through customs, after that we’ve got you covered. The owner’s wife, Anabella, will greet you at the Airport. She’ll have a van or other transportation ready to head toward your destination. The transportation is very comfortable and there will be a few stops along the way for snacks and bathroom breaks. You will arrive in time for an evening dove shoot. As you can see on our dove and duck pages, the accommodations are first class Argentina with comfortable beds (2 in a room) and great bathrooms. There are fireplaces and a large sitting area in the trophy room along with a bar and dining room. All food, wine, beer, liquor and housekeeping are included.

Your evening dove shoot upon arrival is considered a half day. Your stay will include six nights. On the last day of your trip, you will pack your luggage and duck hunt that morning on your way back to the airport. As you can see, you will get 5 full days and two ½ days, which comes out to 12 hunting sessions. We do not consider the first and last day full days as many other outfitters do. So when you’re ready to experience the best duck hunting Argentina has to offer, give Argentina Birdman a call and book your six day combo hunt package.

Custom Hunts for All

Daniel Zanuso, the owner of RanchoSalvaje, was born and raised in Argentina. He has been hunting and fishing in beautiful Argentina all of his life and so possesses a deep understanding of the country. Living in Buenos Aires allows him to guide hunting excursions full time and explore new areas for fresh hunting opportunities in the off season. Daniel is always on the lookout for new ranches to lease for small and large game hunting. So whether you’re looking to do some high-volume Argentina dove hunting or you have your heart set on bagging a red stag, the Argentina Birdman and RanchoSalvaje will take you on a hunting adventure for the books!

Daniel currently has a total of 20 lodges that he has an opportunity to lease depending on the availability of the small and large game. After many, many years he finally chose an area in La Pampa for his main lodge. He chose this location because he acquired a dove roost that is estimated to have 10 million permanent resident doves and the roost is 20 minutes from the lodge. The pigeon hunting is normally about 45 minutes to an hour from the lodge with many ranches and cow pens to choose from. This all day hunt includes a barbeque at midday; it’s one of my favorite days in Argentina. From our main lodge we travel east into the edge of Buenos Aires province for some unrivaled Argentina duck hunting. This is an area with many farm pondFeatured images and swamps that attract legions of ducks year round. Daniel has an exclusive lease on two large swamps that are fed by the only river within 100 miles. This area is fantastic because in the dry season (the end of July and August) many of the other ponds have dried up and therefore there is a large concentration of ducks in our area.

Daniel has acquired large leases closer to Buenos Aires City as well for fantastic perdiz hunting. These birds are similar to quail; they do not group in coveys but are normally single. They provide great hunting over pointer dogs for those of you who enjoy upland game hunting. Some groups break up their combo hunts spending half their time in La Pampa and the other half in this area for perdiz.

Whatever your hunting game—be it Argentina big game hunting, bird hunting or fishing—Argentina Birdman and RanchoSalvaje have the custom hunt for you. Give us a call today to book your next hunting excursion.

Argentina: The 8th Largest Country in the World

I would like to take a moment to discuss Argentina, the 8th largest Country in the world. The unique geography of this country has varying climates due to the long shape of its territory. The climate in the northern most point is tropical with swamps and rivers; when you move south down Argentina, the climate changes into more temperate zones which are best for grain, fruit and vegetable crops. So basically, thanks to the diverse climates and landscapes, Argentina grows pretty much every crop in the world.

The grain crops are produced for cow feed or exported. The famous and delicious beef I’m sure you’ve heard about is also exported to many countries throughout the world.

As you move further south, the climate changes and the vegetation gets a bit sparser. In the Andes mountain range of the western part of Argentina you’ll find famous ski resorts with fantastic trout and salmon fishing. The rivers and lakes are not polluted so the trout fishing is completely natural with no artificial stocking necessary. Fly fishing in Argentina is an extraordinary experience you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.Salmon_Rio_Grande I compare Argentina to the United States 100 years ago when there was an abundance of fish and animals.

The lower third of Argentina is more mountainous with less vegetation and is not suitable for commercial hunting. So when you book your Argentina bird hunting excursion with Argentina Birdman, don’t expect to travel too far south.