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What You Need to Know About Red Deer

There are few prey animals that pose a greater challenge to hunters than red deer. That is why visitors from all over the world come to our facility. Our visitors come to have their patience, skill and effort rewarded with a prize, velvet covered stag. Our visitors also enjoy the excitement of matching wits with […]

Tips for Hunting with Deer Scents

According to wild life experts, a deer’s nose has 297 million olfactory scent receptors. We have 5 million. Your dog has 220 million. For this reason you can say that deer are – in a way – lead by their noses. They use it when trying to find and attract mates, for foraging, for marking […]

Tips for Cooking Venison

Venison is a greatly misunderstood food source. It is perceived by hunters and non-hunters alike as being too gamey or exotic tasting to be sustainable. However, most veteran hunters know that venison – properly prepared – can be tastier than beef, pork or chicken and is an excellent source of protein as well. Not only […]

Best Hunting Dog Breeds

They say that thousands of centuries before dogs were domesticated by man that the two used to be competitors in the hunt, each fiercely seeking out the same prey. Today, centuries later, man and dog form a symbiosis that is unbreakable especially during the hunt. For man it is a time to bond with his […]

Tips for Training Duck Hunting Dogs

One thing that makes dogs so lovable is how completely spontaneous they are. They live their lives very much in the moment and in a way that many humans wish they could. And it is this spontaneity itself that endears them to us. However, these qualities are not so enjoyable in a hunting dog. In […]