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The 6 Best Hunting Apps

There is no sport or activity that has remained untouched by technology. That is because certain technologies complement some sports and activities. They allow the practitioner to take full advantage of the activity. This is true of the hunting sports as well. Today you would be hard pressed to find a hunter who does not […]

8 Captivating Facts about Argentina

One thing that our guests quickly realize is that Argentina has more to recommend it than its hunting alone. Argentina is considered to be one of the preferred destinations for non-hunters too. Yearly, its natural wonders and vibrant, colorful cities and wonderful variety of foods, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. The […]

Tips for Picking the Perfect Hunting Puppy

For thousands of years dogs and humans have been so in tune with one another that it is of little wonder that a well trained puppy can grow up to be a hunter’s greatest asset. Yet, not all pups have the potential to be great gun dogs. Instead many will grow up to be lovable […]

Tips for Using Duck Decoys

No matter how expensive or authentic looking it is, a decoy is only as effective as the hunter who uses it. As much as we may wish that the decoy could do all of the work, it can’t. It still takes a proper placement strategy to defeat the millions of years ducks have of evading […]

The Many Uses of Duck Fat

Duck hunters have long discovered something that high-end restaurants are discovering in all parts of the country – duck fat is culinary gold. Currently, this tasty and easily rendered fat is replacing butter, olive oil and other kinds of fats in all kinds of recipes. Additionally, duck fat is not only tasty and has a […]

More Tips for Better Wing shooting

Everyone who handles a shotgun wants to improve his/her aim. Improving one’s aim increases one’s yield and makes for a safer and more rewarding hunt. However, as vital as practice is in achieving this goal, it can sometimes be frustrating when no visible progress can be seen. This is usually because the hunter has fallen […]

The Nutritional Value of Duck

In China and other parts of Southeast Asia, duck meat is an extremely popular food. That is because of its rich, savory flavor. However, in America we eat an average of only about 3/4 pound of duck annually per capita, compared to 55 pounds per person for chicken. So why isn’t duck a more popular […]

A Guide for Handling Hunting Dog Injuries

We’ve written before on this blog about the risks that hunters face in the field. We’ve talked about the most common types of injuries and given you some pointers that will hopefully help you to avoid injuries. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also provide you with some tips on preventing and treating […]

Common Hunting Accidents and How to Avoid them

When it comes to hunting, there is a goal that ranks even higher than tracking down and bagging an elusive prey animal. That goal is safety. Unless the proper precautions are taken to ensure a safe experience, hunting can at the least be unproductive and at most be fatal. That said, some injuries and accidents […]

Dove Hunting Tips

Many people think of doves as being somewhat innocuous but for farmers, these birds are a major nuisance. Doves are granivorous. This means that they rob farmers of the food they need to feed livestock and to grow crops. For hunters, these acrobatic, fast flying birds make excellent prey due to their high sensitivity to […]