Wing Shooting in Argentina


Wing shooting is the most favorite thing for the majority of hunters. Argentina birdman is specialized in providing excellent wing shooting and hunting trips in Argentina and our hunting trips always exceed the expectations of those who visit. Argentina is the paradise of hunters with its beautiful landscapes, hunting lodges and of course great dove shooting for those who are fond of wing shooting. Our big game hunting trips offer an unforgettable experience in your life.

Argentina is known for its unsurpassable environment and its deep respect for wildlife. This enormous upland hunting destination is located just two hours away from the city and it is the perfect territory for not only doves but also other bird species which are legally allowed for hunting in Argentina.

Bird species you can perform wing shooting in our trips are:

  • Doves
  • Ducks more than 12 species
  • Perdiz with pointer dogs
  • Goose birds
  • Pigeons
  • Big game

We have private ranches to perform bird hunting with high volume birds. We provide you a hunting trip guide who guides you in wing shooting and also helps you to perform more efficiently in hunting.