Big Game Hunting

Argentina has a large variety of free-ranging animals. In the 1900s the animals were brought to Argentina by wealthy Europeans. The animals range through certain provinces of Argentina. They are usually hunted by the “spot and stalk” method through pastures and heavily wooded areas where you can experience adventurous big game hunting trips in Argentina.
Great News: Rancho Salvaje has just leased a 200,000 acre ranch close to our lodge to provide big game hunting in Argentina. This is a “free range” ranch with no high fences. The ranch has a good population of red deer/red stag, black buck antelope, buffalo, wild sheep, goat and others. This is a spot and stalk hunt that can be incorporated in your six-day combo hunt.Here is the pricelist of hunting trip combos and packages.
Attention Archery Hunters: for new advances in bow hunting click here
Water Buffalo $3,600-$4,200
Red Deer/Red Stag $4,500
Red Deer Management $1,000
Wild Boar $570 – $940
Axis Deer $3,200
Black Buck Antelope $1,400
Fallow Deer $3,200
Ram $750
Goat $750
Patagonian Muflon $2,200
Muflon $3,200
4-Horned Sheep $1,375
Puma $3,000 – $6,570
Daily Rate $450 Non Hunter $220
Please note-the following charges are not included in your package:
Airfare $900-$1,200 up from Miami
Hunting license $550
Tips To Be Determined
Miscellaneous: long distance phone calls, personal items.

For further information about the big game hunting/red stag hunting just make a call to 561-347-1279 or drop us a mail at Email: