How to Skin a Deer

While it may not be the part of the hunt that hunters relish the most, knowing how to skin a deer is important when returning from a hunt or when you are still on the hunt. If you have taken down the perfect deer, elk, antelope or goat on your Argentina big game hunting adventure, you will need to have this knowledge. If you are a novice to hunting, this information will be incredible handy for that remarkable day when you are finally able to skin a deer.

Essentially, skinning a deer is believed by many to be quite simple. However, that can be said of nearly any skill that one is already proficient at. The fundamental principle behind it is to follow the built-in guidelines of the body of the deer and work from there. Since the skin and muscle tissues of the deer are naturally separated from one another by protective membranes, the process of skinning a deer is much like a built-in blueprint. Therefore, the skin should easily peel from the meat because of these membranes.

The most important thing to remember about skinning a deer is to use your hands to pull with the weight of your own body. With these two integral tools, skinning a deer can be done easily. In fact, skinning a deer can typically be completed in about ten to fifteen minutes once you get the hang of it. You should first suspend the deer from a tree or other structure. This will make it easier for you to use your body weight in the skinning process. This also ensures that the meat will stay clean. However, it is important to skin the deer within an hour or two of its death.

Next, you will need a sharp knife. If you hang the deer by its legs, find the large tendon connecting the lower leg segment to the rest of its leg. Then, stab a hole with your knife in between the tendon and the bone. Next, use your fingers to feel the lump that is created by the deer’s double-jointed bone. Once you have found that lump, sever the lower leg at the bottom end of the two parts of the double joint. Cut the skin and the tendons here and then snap the deer’s leg over your own leg, using your body’s own weight. deer

After you have broken the deer’s hips, make several incisions around and near the tendon areas. There should be a hole between the tendon and the bone of the lower leg, as well as several incisions near the front legs. Sever and snap the front legs as well. After you have made the preliminary incisions, begin to remove the deer’s skin. Use your finger tips and thumbs to get inside the skin near the lower leg incisions and begin to pull the skin off.

Skinning a deer, while not particularly exciting as the hunt itself, is a necessary skill for any hunter who seeks to bring down big game. At our compound, we have prey for big game hunters as well as dove hunting in Argentina. Happy hunting!

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