The Invisible Sportsman: 5 Ways to Stay Hidden While Hunting

There’s more to camouflage than meets the eye. That is to say, there is more to being invisible to prey than simply slapping on expensive, well designed camouflage gear and hoping for the best. You have to master the art of concealment or your hunt is bound to be a failure. So, let’s discuss some tips for concealing you from your prey.

  • Pick your camouflage outfit and gear wisely: There are many, many camouflage patterns available to hunters. However, some camouflage is better at helping you break up your outline than others. Use camouflage that is composed of earth tones and that contains natural shapes and patterns. Also, be aware of the environment you will be hunting in for the most success.
  • Make as little noise as possible: Even though Elmer Fudd never did bag Bugs Bunny, he did have it right when he would say to the audience, “Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting rabbits.” Most wild animals have super sensitive hearing compared to ours. Therefore, you should always be aware of how much noise you are making. If you are hunting in a team, agree on a set of hand signals that you can use to communicate with one another. Also, keep conversation to an absolute minimum doing so only when needed.camoflauge
  • Avoid strong smells: Of course in addition to super sensitive hearing, many animals also possess highly sensitive noses. For example, a bear’s sense of smell is 7 times better than a bloodhound’s or 2,100 times better than a human. Therefore, don’t use colognes, smoke tobacco or carry food with you into the field. Many animals will smell you coming from many miles away. Finally, remember to stay downwind of your prey if you can.
  • Remove your shine: You want to wear matted colors and remove all objects that may shine while you are in the field. This is one of the reasons hunters wear face mask, mud, charcoal, etc. They do so hoping to dull the highlights of their face e.g., cheekbones, nose ridge, etc.
  • Move slowly! Be hyper aware of your surroundings and realize that every move you make will produce noise that can spook your prey. Make your movements purposeful and much slower than they would normally be.

In short, remaining invisible to our prey is about more than just throwing on some khaki colored clothing. It is an art unto itself and once mastered will make you a more productive hunter regardless of the prey you are seeking. It will make Argentina red stage hunting and dove hunting in Argentina far more fruitful as well. After all, deer, ducks, boar, etc; have super keen senses that make us appear to be pitiful in comparison. Master these techniques and even the playing field.

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