Advice for Choosing the Right Hunting Bow

There can hardly be any doubt that hunting with a bow brings an extra challenge as well as a certain level of excitement to the sport. But before you bring that perfect 6 point buck in your sights, draw and are ready to release your arrow, make sure that you’ve picked the right bow for the job. In order to ensure a safer, truer, and more ethical kill shot, we offer you the following things to consider when picking the right bow for bow hunting.

  • Draw length: A bow’s draw length is the distance a bowstring can be pulled back before stopping. This is important to know because it determines what arrows to buy for your bow. When buying a bow from a dealer in person, have him/her measure this distance for you so that they can recommend a range of bows. If you are buying a bow online be sure to measure and know this distance first.

·         Draw weight: Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull back the bowstring so that it is ready to fire the arrow. If this is not correct it could result in fatigue or in an inaccurate shot. Generally speaking, men’s compound bows are set at a weight of 40 to 70 pounds. The bows used by women and children generally require a lower draw weight.

  • Overall bow weight: This is important to know because bows have different characteristics depending on their weight. Lighter bows are easier to carry around during a lengthy hunt but because they vibrate they are often louder than heavier bows. On the other hand, heavier bows vibrate less and are therefore quieter. When it comes to hunting, few things are more important than managing your noise level.
  • Axle length: Finally, the total length of your bow is very important. Shorter bows are easier to carry around and but are harder to shoot with. Longer bows require less effort and skill to fire but can be difficult to carry around. 2018-10-15_1341

Of course, these are not the only factors to consider when choosing the right bow. There is model, material, etc. However, while the brand and kind of bow you choose are important, knowing the above factors will help you make a wise choice overall. At our compound in Argentina we have all kinds of big game to challenge your bow hunting skills such as red deer, wild boar, 4-horn sheep, etc. We also have plenty of dove hunting in Argentina and fly fishing in Argentina as well.

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