Tips for Taking Advantage of Rutting Season

March is quickly approaching us and with it the rut. The rut is a time when a young stag’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love … or the equivalent for red stags. Every hunter worth his or her salt is gearing up and preparing to take advantage of a time when stags are the most vulnerable. This is a time when stags are looking for Miss Right. This is a time when hunters can take advantage of behaviors that make Argentina red stag hunting much more productive. The following tips will help you to exploit this unique time in a stag’s life cycle.

  • Hang out with the does: One straightforward tactic for taking advantage of the rut is to camp out where does spend most of their daylight hours. Start by scouting out their food sources and map creek beds, gullies, or thick cover and other areas that connect such spots.
  • Choose the right stand location: Try placing your stand in high traffic lanes between bedding and feeding locations.bird hunting
  • Use scent against them: Aggressive, rutting stags are extremely susceptible to scents during the rut. Other things that attract them are calls and decoys. Carry a bottle of doe-in-estrous lure during the rut and also consider carrying dominant-buck lure as well. This can help lure aggressive stags who believe their territory is being encroached upon.
  • Know and understand the stages of the rut: The rut can be categorized into four stages: cruising, chasing, peak breeding and the cleanup phase. Remember to prepare for each stage and to think of the rut as a chess game between you and your quarry.
  • Hunt Waterholes: Chasing does is hot, thirsty work. Take advantage of bucks who may be taking a sip of water to cool off during the chase.
  • Use grunt calls wisely: A grunt call can be helpful in brining bucks in for a closer look in areas with a high buck-to-doe ratio. This works well because of the fierce competition in these kinds of situations.

In short, know the habits of red stag during the rut (and their vulnerabilities) and your efforts will result in a more productive hunt. While you are here also try our Argentina bird hunting for a wide variety of dove, duck and pigeon species.

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