Dove Hunting Tips

Many people think of doves as being somewhat innocuous but for farmers, these birds are a major nuisance. Doves are granivorous. This means that they rob farmers of the food they need to feed livestock and to grow crops. For hunters, these acrobatic, fast flying birds make excellent prey due to their high sensitivity to their surroundings. This is why Argentina wing hunting provides an excellent opportunity for hunters to test their mettle and at the same time provide a service for the Argentinian farmers who are menaced by these birds. It takes skill, the right equipment and some degree of luck to successfully hunt these flying pests. We can’t provide you with the luck you’ll need, but we can offer you the following tips for improving your Argentina dove hunting.



  • Use the right choke: Using an improperly adjusted choke will negatively affect your shell/bird ratio. In other words, you will waste ammunition, which is an unnecessary expenditure of time and money. Carefully adjust your choke – usually with a screw – to match the distance your shots will likely be from the target(s).
  • Pick a good spot: Position yourself near a field or pond in order to maximize your exposure to the birds. Doves are also attracted to areas around power lines. Pick a clearing and be patient.
  • Stand in the shade: Keeping in the shadows hides your visibility from these birds and it also helps you remain cool while you wait for them to fly overhead.
  • Wait until doves are within range to mount your gun: Doves have extremely keen eyesight and can quickly change course when they see movement. If you mount too early doves will see this and it will rob you of the opportunity to properly adjust your choke.
  • Bring your dog: Doves are small and can be difficult to find. A good hunting dog’s keen nose will help you claim your trophy
  • Exaggerate your lead: Overshoot the bird by at least six feet or more and remember that 1 inch of barrel movement equals about one foot of distance for flying prey.


In short, dove hunting doesn’t provide trophies for hunters in the way that hunting for larger game does, but it is a sport that challenges and excites hunters nevertheless. It is also an activity that in Argentina helps farmers by decreasing the number grain-eating pests they have to contend with. See you on the hunt.

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