Tips for Wing Shooting with a Bow

One thing in common that all hunters have is that they love a good challenge.  That is, after all, the entire point to hunting in the first place.  One of the ultimate tests for any hunter is wing shooting and an even greater challenge is wing shooting with a bow.  A seemingly impossible task, wing shooting with a bow is achievable and hunters do it every day but much practice is required before one becomes proficient.  Here are some tips for those who wish to undertake this ultimate hunting challenge.

Argentina wing shooting provides plenty of different species for you to hunt but first you need to hone your technique so that you do not waste time or ammunition during the actual hunt.

Practice with clay targets:  This is the closest you will get to simulating birds in flightArgentina wing shooting until you actually encounter them in nature.  Begin with a machine set at a medium setting that throws targets at a 45-degree angle.  Eventually increase the speed of the targets.

Use the right equipment:  Wing shooting is probably more a matter of training than it is about equipment but still the right tools are important.  Buy a recurve – a bow that curves forward at the ends, which straighten out under tension when the bow is drawn – or a longbow that you can handle quickly and safely.  Next, use cedar arrows that are ‘FluFlu’ fletched.  These will better help you control in-flight arrow speed.‘FluFlu’ fletched

Keep your eye on the bird:  At all times – just as when shooting with a rifle – keep your eye on the bird.  Track him constantly when he is in flight and then smoothly release your arrow.

Remember that wing hunting difficulty is species specific:  For example, pheasants are quicker on takeoff than guinea fowl.  Ducks, as another example, can be more difficult to hit with a single arrow than other birds.

Focus:  Watch where the bird is heading more than the bird itself.  Train your eyes to follow the birds flight path and hand eye coordination will improve with time.

Yes, wing shooting with a bow presents one of the ultimate challenges that a hunter can face.  It takes practice; practice and even more practice in order to take on this task and conquer it as few other hunters do.  At Argentina Birdman, we provide a full range of different bird species that will challenge your newly acquired skill in the beautiful wild setting of Argentina.  Follow these tips, take one of our tours and you will not be disappointed during your next hunting trip.


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