A Guide to Family Vacationing in Argentina

One of the things that’s makes Argentina one of the world’s top tourist destinations is the variety of things that there are for visitors to do here.  Ordinarily, a person would have to go to several different locations to experience such a variety of activities, witness and behold so many different settings and intermingle with people from many different backgrounds. Tierra del Fuego Argentina is perfect for families that wish to engage in a variety of activities and environments from steamy jungles, to the great Pampas grasslands to Patagonia to the mysterious Tierra del Fuego.  At Argentina Birdman we are proudest of the big game opportunities the country provides but there are many other things for families to do and experience here.  There are malls, beaches, amusement parks, shops, and tours which stretch throughout this beautiful country.

Argentina offers a multitude of places for families to visit and things for families to do.  For families who will be visiting Argentina we suggest these sites and activities.

  • Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales: Children love dinosaurs and this natural science museum has an impressive collection of prehistoric animal remains that will fascinate children of all ages.
  • Bioparque Temaikèn: For observing live animals in their natural habitat, there is this nature reserve which teaches children about the environment, different ecosystems and biodiversity.  It is approximately 50km from Buenos Aires.
  • Miramar – No family vacation would be complete without a visit to some of its beaches for relaxing, people watching, water sports and other activities.original_Coastline-Miramar Argentina
  • Parque de la Costa: One of the largest amusement parks in South America, Parque de la Costa is packed with rides and plenty of activities for children to enjoy with their parents.
  • Ranches: There are many ranches in Argentina that provide horseback riding for kids but also full board accommodations for the family.

Finally, Argentina is one of those rare vacation destinations that can accommodate everyone from families that are on a small budget to luxury minded travelers.  Accommodations at some ranches, for example, can cost as little as $30 a day.  One the other hand, 5 hotels in Buenos Aires can cost upwards of $300(USD) a night.  Argentina also has delicious and reasonably priced cuisine.  For example, families can enjoy all-you-can-eat parrilla (barbeque) from between $10 (USD) and $20 (USD) in many mid-priced restaurants.  A higher class meal in a fancier restaurant can typically cost between $20 (USD) and $40 (USD).  In the end, this variety plus reasonable prices is why Argentina is such a popular tourist destination not just for hunters but for their families as well.

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