Tips for a Successful Deer Hunt

In the contest between man and nature, deer have centuries worth of instinct as prey animals on their side. Their entire life is about eluding predators using the natural instincts nature gave them. On the other hand, humans are many centuries removed from their hunter instinct, from having to go agstagainst a wild adversary. We have technology and they do not but big game hunting – especially for red deer – is not about technology. It is about out thinking your prey and finding again what was lost from inside of us when mankind moved out of the forest and wilderness and became ‘civilized.’ In order to help maintain the advantage as a hunter and help you with Argentina big game hunting, here are some tips to more successfully stalk, corner and bring down your prey.


Go Slow: Move slowly and practice staying still for long periods of time. Decide how much time you want to spend waiting for or stalking prey while you are Argentina red stag hunting.

Try judging the deer’s pace: Before stalking your quarry, try to determine its pace, what direction it may be heading in and whether it is feeding or simply walking.

Don’t give up: When stalking wounded quarry you may run into difficulties when following blood trails. For example, the trail may end suddenly with no hint of the prey in sight. At this point stay calm, look for smaller spots of blood and if necessary get on your hands and knees to continue tracking.

Don’t Poke: When coming up to an animal you have shot and that you believe may be dead, don’t prod it with your rifle. It may still be alive and charge you. Instead, throw a rock or branch at it to judge its reaction. This strategy is much safer.

Equipment: The Right Tools for the Right Job

I said before that Argentina big game hunting is not about the technology. That is not correct. It is not entirely about the technology but having the right equipment does matter to some degree. Here is a basic equipment list that should help you.

Rifle: Always be sure to have the correct caliber depending on the animal are trying to bring down. For red stag hunting a .260 or 6.5×55 would be the minimum caliber for bringing down this prey.

Binoculars: Buy the strongest, best pair you can afford paying special attention to durability (water proofing, etc), comfort and resolution.

Ammunition: Use soft point bullets like the Hornady Interlock.

Knives: A drop point knife is a very effective knife for dressing and skinning dear.

Backpack: Since some parts of Argentina are fairly remote you should be equipped with lights, a stove, matches and flint, rope, a tent fly, sleeping bag, food, a first aid kit and GPS – at a minimum.

Yes, with the proper preparation, knowledge and equipment you should be able to compensate for what we all lost when we moved indoors from the wilderness – the instinct and ability to hunt our prey. Argentina Birdman can put you in contact with a wide variety of red deer, black buck antelope, buffalo, wild sheep, goat and others animals on Argentina’s ranges and can give you the support you need and provide you with the hunt of a lifetime.

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