Argentina Wing Shooting First, Peninsula Valdes Second

Your Argentina wing shooting trip is booked and you are getting excited, but something feels like it’s missing. So you go down the list: Travel arrangements? Check! Excursion booked with Argentina Birdman? Check! Your best buddies are on board? Check! So what feels like it’s missing? Well, we have a suggestion…

Sure, a six day Argentina bird hunting adventure is exciting enough on its own; but if you’re flying all the way to Argentina already don’t you think it’s worth it to stay another week or so to check out some of the other sights too? Well we do! As you may have noticed, our last couple of blogs have been suggestions on other places to visit while you’re here in Argentina and today we are going to follow suit with yet another suggestion. So take a load off and let us tell you all about the "argentina wing shooting"Peninsula Valdes:

The Peninsula Valdes is a must-see highlight for any trip to Argentina. This beautiful formation along the Atlantic coast of Argentina offers some of the most amazing sea life and wildlife anywhere in the world. This peninsula has formed two natural inlets that provide shelter to many different types of wildlife including the Southern Right Whales, elephant seals, Magellenic penguins, and many more.

For many people, it’s the Orca Whales that draw them to this magical wildlife reserve. There are only two pods of Orcas in the world who have learned how to purposely beach themselves in order to hunt; and one of those extraordinary Orca pods just so happens to patrol the shores of the Peninsula Valdes. Come at the right time of year and you can witness this incredible act of nature in all of its glory.

While tourist season spans a rather large range—September through March to be exact—if you’re looking to experience all the biggest marine life events the best time to go is between September and the end of November. The later end of the year is when all big events usually take place.

Now that you’ve realized just how amazing Argentina actually is go ahead and give the airline a call and extend your trip. Whether you’re into big or small game hunting, Birdman will take you on the excursion of a lifetime; combine that with whatever else you decide to do with the rest of your stay and you are guaranteed to have the best vacation of your life.

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