Big Game Hunting and Wine Tasting in Mendoza go Hand in Hand

If you think a hunter can’t also thoroughly enjoy a nice glass of wine then you are sadly mistaken. We have had many-a-visitors come take an Argentina big game hunting excursion with us or sign up for a little Argentina duck hunting trip and then spend the second half of their vacation cruising around the Argentina wine country in Mendoza. And let me tell you, a little hunting followed by a little wine tasting makes for the perfect getaway!

If you’re thinking about putting together a little hunting and wine tasting excursion of your very own, Argentina Birdman is here to help. First, schedule your hunting trip with us and then read on for more info on Argentina wine country…

First things First, you need to know where to go; well, Mendoza is the most important wine region in Argentina, so we always recommend you go there. The city boasts the beautiful backdrop of the Andes foothills on the western edge of Argentina. You’ll enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery just as much as you enjoy the delicious wines that you will surely sample.

Prior to the 1990’s Argentina wine was far from internationally known; but once they began to compete in the international market, Mendoza quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Although Malbec is the grape that put Mendoza’s name on the map, recently wineries in this beautiful region have been working tirelessly to prove that Argentina can actually produce a plethora of delicious grapes.

It should come as no surprise that the rise of the wine industry brought along with it a boom in the hospitality and tourism industries. You’ll find everything from quaint little inns to five-star luxury hotels; local eateries to celebrity chef owned restaurants; tastings at small family owned wineries to half day tours and tastings at large, upscale wineries with miles upon miles of vineyard. Mendoza, Argentina truly has something for everyone.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a couple winery suggestions; the following are some of my personal favorites in the region…

El Lagar Winery in Lujan de Cuyo is run by one of the most unique winemakers in the world, Carmelo Patti. Patti creates incredible artisan wines out of his garage-like winery. The best part abe3da083771fefd9d984ecd323772c96dout this gem of a winery? If not out traveling, Carmelo Patti himself will greet you with a big smile, show you around the winery and chat your ear off for hours. Visiting El Lagar Winery is a truly unique experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Bodegas Lopez Winery in Maipu. This historical winery was founded in 1898, well before the Malbec boom, by Spanish immigrant Jose Lopez Rivas; it is currently run by the fourth generation of Rivas’. This vast, beautiful property dbodegas-lopez-de-herediaoubles as both a winery and a well-preserved museum. You can take a general tour for free, but I would say the exquisite tasting is worth the small fee.

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