Morning Duck Hunt

As you’re getting ready for your Argentina bird hunting trip you’re probably anxious to know what to expect. Well I don’t want to spoil the excitement of experiencing everything firsthand for the first time, but I will give just a peek into what you can expect…

The first full day is normally an early morning call for a hearty breakfast and then you are off to the duck area. The bird boys have duck blinds set up weeks in advance in strategic areas that they have scouted to determine the flight patterns of the ducks. The blinds are constructed of hard platforms and are usually large enough for two hunters. There is an automatic duck caller and approximately six boxes of shells aFeatured imagere provided for each hunter.

The decoys are spread out in front of the blinds. In Argentina there are normally 10 -12 decoys per blind, larger amounts of decoys are not necessary and actually seem to discourage the ducks from landing. The blinds are approximately shoulder length and also have a portable stool if the hunter prefers to sit. The bird boys will stand behind the blind and tell you when they see the ducks coming from either side.

At approximately 9:30AM the hunting is over for the morning, all decoys and dead birds are picked up and you are back at the truck for pictures. I should note that chest waders are required as sometimes there are ditches and deeper areas to and from the blinds. But don’t worry, the blind is comfortable with no water or just ankle deep water.

The hunters are then transported back to the ranch for a big lunch. And in the afternoon there is dove or perdiz hunting… but we’ll take a look at Argentina dove hunting in a later blog. For now just remember, if you’re looking for the best duck hunting Argentina has to offer, be sure to book your trip with Argentina Birdman today!

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