Argentina: The 8th Largest Country in the World

I would like to take a moment to discuss Argentina, the 8th largest Country in the world. The unique geography of this country has varying climates due to the long shape of its territory. The climate in the northern most point is tropical with swamps and rivers; when you move south down Argentina, the climate changes into more temperate zones which are best for grain, fruit and vegetable crops. So basically, thanks to the diverse climates and landscapes, Argentina grows pretty much every crop in the world.

The grain crops are produced for cow feed or exported. The famous and delicious beef I’m sure you’ve heard about is also exported to many countries throughout the world.

As you move further south, the climate changes and the vegetation gets a bit sparser. In the Andes mountain range of the western part of Argentina you’ll find famous ski resorts with fantastic trout and salmon fishing. The rivers and lakes are not polluted so the trout fishing is completely natural with no artificial stocking necessary. Fly fishing in Argentina is an extraordinary experience you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.Salmon_Rio_Grande I compare Argentina to the United States 100 years ago when there was an abundance of fish and animals.

The lower third of Argentina is more mountainous with less vegetation and is not suitable for commercial hunting. So when you book your Argentina bird hunting excursion with Argentina Birdman, don’t expect to travel too far south.

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